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Head Office and Takasago Factory

Area Map

[By train]
10-minute walk from Aoto Station on the Keisei Line.
Cross the Aoto Bridge and go down the stairs right after the bridge.
[By car]
Coming from Itabashi and Kameari, take a right at the first light onto Kannana after crossing Aoto Bridge. Coming from Kasai, take a left at the light right before Aoto Bridge. If you come along the bank, you will see a steel tower on the right and we're right below it.
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Sales and Engineering Center/Yashio Factory

Yashi Factory Map

[By bus]
Take the Tobu Bus (#61) from Ayase Station on the Chiyoda Line or Yashio Station on the Tsukuba Express.
We're a 5-minute walk from the Nishida Bus Stop.
[By taxi]
Take a taxi from Yashio Station on the Tsukuba Express or Yatsuka Station on the Tobu-Isesaki Line.
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