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1936 Yutaro Chiba, who had worked for Seikosha for many years, founded Chiba Seisakusho in Katsuhika-ku, Tokyo, and started a business of manufacturing and selling gear cutters and machine tools under private management.
1951 Sanyo Seiki Saisakusho Co., Ltd. was established as part of expanding operations, and Fumio Chiba joined the company two years later in 1953.
1962 A gear tool factory was constructed in Tateishi, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo due to progress in drawing technology.
1966 The gear tool factory was spun off. Chiba Dies Co., Ltd. was established, and Fumio Chiba was appointed as representative director. Production equipment was completely modernized by introducing electric discharge machines and other equipment.
1973 The Takasago Factory was constructed in Takasago, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo to act as the company's main factory.
1980 The Tateishi Factory was completely refurbished. The new factory was characterized by the production of tools, molds and machines to mass-produce fine pitch gears.
1982 Dies, molds, forming molds, machines and CD machining divisions were established, and personnel, machines and equipment were re-organized as part of expanding operations.
1986 First exhibit at JP'86. The company receives high marks for its plastic gear-related and other molds on display.
1988 A new and extensive factory was constructed in Yashio City, Saitama, where mold forming divisions were concentrated. A sales and engineering center was established at Takasago Factory.
1994 Personnel, machines and equipment were re-organized, and new and powerful machines were introduced at the Takasago Factory to upgrade the mold manufacturing process.
The Mold Design Division was moved to the Yashio Factory to establish an improved mold-making system.
1997 The Sales and Engineering Center was moved from the Takasago Factory to the Yashio Factory to establish a strong system of management including sales, design and production of molds.
Nobusic gears were patented world-wide.
Chiba Dies Hong Kong Co., Ltd. was established.
1998 A new Yashio Factory was completed aiming at improving the precision and process of mold production.
The company received the Katsushika-ku Quality Product Award for Chiballet.
1999 Fumio Chiba was elected as chairman of the board of directors and Eiju Chiba as the representative director.
2003 The SpeedTry service began.
2004 The Plastic Gear System (PGS) Research Center was established to research the tribology of plastic gears. Teisuke Bushimata from Aoyama Gakuin University was selected as director.

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