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Plastic Gears

Spiral Bevel Gear
Improved contact ratio! Produces less noise.
Chiba Dies has made it possible to create plastic molded parts which, up until now, had been difficult to manufacture.
Hourglass Worm Wheel
Helical gears had been used with worm wheels due to manufacturing difficulties. By making them into hourglass shapes, the surfaces contact resulting in improved durability. We can also form a single integral molding with flanges on either side of the gear.
Non-circular Gear
These gears combine the principle of cams with the ability to accurately transmit the driving force even under high loads like circular gears.
Gears for Micromachines
Micromachines are becoming a part of everyday activities. We can produce worms, spur gears, internal gears, etc. for miniature modules.
High Precision Gear
We create high precision helical gears and spur gears that meet JIS, JGMA and AGMA standards.
Other Plastic Gears
We also manufacture everything from all types of gears including worms, helical gears, spur gears, face gears, internal gears and gears with special profiles to screws, knurling tools and timing pulleys.
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