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CD Processing

Chiba Dies has developed a "long rod machining process" based on its vast experience with precision gears. A special machining method is used in this process to perform precision machining on precision gear rods, knurling rods, deformed rods and others. By cutting the rods, high precision parts can be achieved easily.

-The peripheral milling work can be done with the material in rod form, so it is good for mass production and cost cutting.
-Machining can be performed on even slender objects.
-The cutter marks on the gear go in one direction, so the other gear is not damaged.

Brass rods, phosphor bronze rods, nickel silver rods, aluminum rods and other free-machining nonferrous metal materials
Free-machining steel, free-machining stainless steel and other steel materials
Duracon, nylon, ABS and other engineering plastic rods

–Machining Range
[CD Gear Rod]
Involute, cycloid and special: M0.04-M1.5 f2.5-f45
Helical gears: Up to 40 degree torsion angle
[CD Knurling Rod]
Longitudinal knurling rod, Chiballet (double-cut), special shaped rods: p0.1-p5.0 f0.4-f50
[CD Deformed Rods]
Deformed rods made from straight rods, square rods and round rods

–Precision CD Parts
Gears, timing pulleys, handles, keys, knobs, insert parts, sliding parts, axle bearings, bushings, wheels

Cameras, surveying equipment and other optical products
Electrical machinery, electronic sound devices, cellular phones
Information and office automation equipment, automobiles
Clocks, timers, music boxes, radio controllers, toys
Other precision parts

CD machining rods have high dimensional accuracy for their entire length and allow for higher precision parts after cutting and other secondary fabrication.

CD Machining

Cold Drowing
A clean operation that does not change the materials

Cutting Dies
High precision and efficiency

Cost Down
Lower costs

Creative Development
Expand creativity in the process

Chiba Dies
Chiba Dies is focused on developing new products and services

Chiballet (double-cut)

Knurling rods with 30 degree torsion angles developed by Chiba Dies. Used in accessories and insert parts.

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