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Nobusic Gears

Patented product!

Contact ratio doubled!
New plastic gears with great potential

Our plastic injection molded gears are bolstered by the excellent plastic material we use, our high precision forming molds and progress in molding techniques. They are used in more and more electric appliances and automobiles.

Plastic gears have many unique characteristics, including light weight, low cost and the fact that they can be used without lubrication. In recent years, plastic gears have been used in various products under demanding conditions as the need for engergy-saving products increases. Demand for stronger, more quiet gears, therefore, has also increased. We created a completely new type of plastic gear to answer that challenge.

This new plastic gear consists of two spur gears that have been shifted a half pitch.

–Low Noise
In order to reduce noise, the contact ratio of the gears must be increased. Our innovative method of shifting the gears a half pitch doubled the contact ratio, and the smooth rotation transmission is particularly noteworthy.

–Long Life
Doubling the contact ratio doubles the life of the gear teeth as well.

–Safety and Reliability
When one side of the nobusic gear is stopped, the other will not move from its place. They are not only superior in terms of safety but are also highly reliable.

We use engineering plastic which is just right for gears.

Office automation and audio-visual equipment, precision devices, high end automobiles, etc.

Nobusic Gear Profile
Relationship of noise level with revolutions of nobusic and spur gears
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