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Sometimes our customers delight us with stories of their customers being relieved to hear that they use Chiba Dies molds. That is when we know that our machining techniques have been recognized for their ability to materialize optimal mold structures for gears that have been custom designed. Ours is one of those rare fields where dreams can come true as we create dies that faithfully conform to the engineer's ideas.

Gears were conceived and have been used since before the modern age. They still play a very important role in our daily lives today. The contribution of those who have come before us is great, and it is no easy task to improve upon their ideas.

We have focused on gears at Chiba Dies since our foundation, and we work on our new techniques and ideas with a pioneering spirit. We have been global leaders in developing new products such as CD machining tools, Chiballet, Nobusic gears and micromachine gears. Yes, even at this moment new technologies are on the verge of discovery somewhere within our company.

The source of our ability to push forward into the uncharted territory of gear manufacturing is our pride in being a pioneer in small precision gears and the company atmosphere of freedom that surrounds all employees regardless of department or position. We believe that delivering products that radiate with the creativity of our employees will lead to the satisfaction of our customers. We want each and every one of our products to be of such high quality that it is identifiable as a Chiba Dies product at first glance.

Eiju Chiba, President & CEO

Eiju Chiba
At the futsal field on the Sales and Engineering Center premises
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