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Deflection Inspection and Other Products

CF-2 (with wooden box) and CF-3 Model Deflection Inspection Devices

Using a spindle and pin gauge, it is a simple process to inspect deflection on parts with holes and perform comparison measurements with models. Pictured here are the table top type and the portable type deflection inspection devices.

With many precision parts that have been created through a variety of methods such as molding, pressing or cutting, the devices can be used by inserting the spindle into the part. Such measurements can be peformed in no time.

Much thought has been put into these simple deflection inspection devices, so they can be used easily for various types of inspection and are convenient for use anywhere.

Diameter (maximum) of spindles and pin gauges that can be used
f8mm(CF-2), f17mm(CF-3)
Deflection inspection range of measurement (maximum)
f60mm(CF-2), f100mm(CF-3)
Range of measurement (maximum) for surface runout

Inspection Gauge
This is an inspection gauge to test the fit of splines and serrations.
This is a jig for various work which makes use of machining technology.