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Gear Molds

Demand for ever higher proposal, design and technical abilities when manufacturing dies has accompanied advances in plastic materials and forming techniques. Chiba Dies will go out of its way to propose gear dies to satisfy the customer's wishes.

–Types of Dies
Plastic gear molds
Dies for diecast gears
Dies for pressed gears
Dies for forged gears

Automobiles, robots, cameras, office automation and audio-visual equipment, home electronics, clocks, micromachines, etc.

Involute, cycloid, clock and special profiles

–Types of Plastic Gears
Worms, worm wheels, helical gears, spur gears, bevel gears, face gears, crown gears, racks, cam gears, internal gears, non-circular gears, ratchets, sprockets, splines, timing pulleys, knurling parts, serrations, screws, etc.

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