Speed Try

SpeedTry - Rapid prototyping series for injection molds

What is SpeedTry?
We are entering an age where products must be manufactured rapidly. It is increasingly important to get a new product on the market as quickly as possible. Our SpeedTry Rapid Prototyping® service for injection molds was designed to help our customers succeed in just that.

We provide an answer for the customer's need to create prototypes ahead of the competition and create prototypes that are on par with mass produced products.
CM Gears (Custom-made Gears)
Rapid prototyping of plastic injection molds which can be designed without limitation. Delivery in as little as 3 days!
We can help you if you want to:
·Create prototypes before the competition
·Create prototypes that are on par with mass produced products
·Produce a low volume of products without a mold
We can work with extremely short delivery times!

How to Order

Simply FAX or e-mail the drawing to us.
Send to: FAX: (048)997-6625 E-mail: st@chibadies.co.jp



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